Telematics / Usage Based Insurance

Ingenie only offers coverage to those under the age of 24.

What is unique about your program or what you can offer clients? Ingenie:

  • Ingenie has been specifically designed to help more young drivers get on the road by making the cost of driving more affordable.
  • Unlike some insurers, we don’t believe all young drivers are the same. That’s why ingenie’s auto insurance treats drivers aged 16 to 24 as individuals, based on how they drive.
  • We keep auto insurance simple by offering full coverage as standard - so with ingenie you’re fully covered whatever happens.
  • Getting your insurance sorted is a big deal so we’ve made it easier - you can buy from us online and pay monthly by credit card or EFT.
  • We’re on your side, so we give you a 10% upfront saving just for choosing ingenie.
  • The ingenie Smartbox lets us treat you as an individual and reward you for driving well.
  • You can earn up to an extra 25% Good Driving Discount over the year just by driving well.
  • The Smartbox lets us build up a picture of your driving style. To help you improve, we send you regular feedback on your driving that you can check in the ingenie app.
  • Every 10 days we give you a driving score out of 100 so you can see how you’re doing. We also let you know how much of your Good Driving Discount you're on track for.
  • Unlike traditional insurance, ingenie reviews your billing 3 times a year based on how you drive. The higher your driving score, the less you’ll pay.
  • Ingenie lets you take responsibility for how you drive and how much you are billed for your insurance.
  • Quite simply: drive well and pay less.

Why ingenie for parents?

Ingenie has been designed with young drivers and their parents in mind.

We’re here to help more young drivers get on the road by making the cost of driving more affordable.

Whether a young driver is paying for their own auto insurance or has a bit of help from The Bank of Mom and Dad, we have flexible payment options to make it easier.

Because auto insurance can be complicated, we keep it simple by offering full coverage as standard - so you know they’re always fully covered whatever happens.

We know your young driver’s safety on the road is a worry but ingenie gives parents peace of mind.

Our Smartbox acts as a co-pilot, giving the young driver regular feedback on how they’re driving. They can choose to share that feedback with you, so you get updates too.

With ingenie they can also earn up to an extra 25% Good Driving Discount over the year.

Unlike traditional insurance, ingenie reviews their billing 3 times a year based on their driving score. So they can see the benefits of good driving without having to wait for 12 months.

ingenie lets young drivers take responsibility for how they drive and how much they are billed for their insurance.

We’re right there with them as they develop their driving skills, rewarding them for making good driving decisions and giving their parents peace of mind.

Telematics for everyone under 24:

While you receive a discount just for signing up and could receive as much as 25% at renewal. Your personalized driving discount will be determined based on an analysis of the following factors in relation to the total number of kilometres driven:


Use your brakes gently and save big.

Watch out for other drivers! Although it’s sometimes impossible to avoid braking suddenly, the best strategy is defensive driving. To avoid hard braking, keep your mind on what’s around you and stay a safe distance behind the car ahead of you.


Accelerate your savings, not your driving.

It takes time to save money. With traffic, construction, and everything the weather throws at you, it’s not always easy to get somewhere on time. If you leave plenty of time to get to your destination safely, you can usually avoid rapid accelerations.

Time of day

The risks rise, depending on when you drive.

Statistically, driving at night (between 12 a.m. and 4 a.m.) increases the risk of being involved in an accident. Many elements, such as reduced visibility and fatigue, make this time of day the riskiest. If you don’t drive during this high-risk period, you can save more.